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The Return of Possum Radio Pt. 2

August 08, 2022

We want to, first, thank everyone who has lifted up our posts, photos, and information concerning the catastrophic flooding in Eastern Kentucky. As you may already know, our studio space and equipment was also affected and we have been off air since July 28th. 

We are working hard to get the greatest little radio station in the whole wide w-h-i-r-l-e-d back on-air, but we need some help from you. 

  1. We are looking for a temporary space until we can get back to Appalshop, such as a camper trailer with A/C. Ideally, the space would be at least 10x10. This would be on loan until we can safely return to the Appalshop studio space. 
  2. We have a list of equipment [linked here] to get us started. If you or someone you know has these things lying around collecting dust, Possum Radio can turn those cobwebs to gold lace! This would be on loan, until insurance claims process, emergency funding is secured, and damaged equipment is replaced. 
  3. And lastly, if you'd like to help Possum Radio return but are not sure how, please consider donating directly to our station at WMMT.org/donate. Direct funds will aid in our return to a full broadcasting capacity: by way of purchasing replacement equpiment and assisting our staff/volunteer DJs. 

If there is anything we have learned during the past week, it's that our Mountain People are the best people. We are humbled by the influx of community support, quick organization and volunteer efforts we have witnessed and heard through the grapevine. We are eager to get Possum Radio back in the airwaves to offer our Mountain People information and healing music as we all get through this together. 

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