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June Appal Records

Founded in 1974, June Appal Recordings has distributed mountain music over a period of time in which the very definition of what it means to be “mountain music” has innovated and evolved. Our catalog represents the breadth of Appalachian music, from old-time traditional to bluegrass, blues, country, hip-hop, and Americana. With almost 100 records released on June Appal Recordings, a wide variety of albums are available in digital, CD, cassette tape, and LP formats.

In keeping with Appalshop’s mission, June Appal artists and programs work to:

  • Document, disseminate, and revitalize the lasting traditions and contemporary creativity of central Appalachia
  • Tell stories the commercial cultural industries don’t tell
  • Challenge stereotypes with Appalachian voices and visions
  • Support communities’ efforts to achieve justice and equity
  • Celebrate cultural diversity as a positive social value
  • Participate in regional, national, and global dialogue toward these ends.
  • Solve our own problems in our own ways