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The Return of Possum Radio

August 02, 2022

WMMT of Appalshop Post Eastern Kentucky Flood

While the situation in Eastern Kentucky continues to develop and evolve, the WMMT team wanted to provide an update on the state of our operations and when we will be able to return to any sense of a broadcast. 

The short answer is, we do not know the answer to many of these questions, but we know what needs to happen in order to get there. 

For one, AEP has been unable to access our transmitter on Mayking Peak to assess damages and restore power at the site. This is a big, big part of many issues facing us right now. 

Our broadcast engineer is working with our Operations Coordinator, Shane, to put together a list of the equipment that we need to resume operations, but again, it's very difficult to assess without knowing what we need at the transmitter site and both of these individuals are dealing with their own personal fallout caused by this flooding. 

The third biggest obstacle is the lack of physical space at this point. While we do have another studio on the second floor of Appalshop's physical building, the current estimate is that it is going to be a month or even longer before it is safe for DJs, let alone full-time staff, to return to the building in any capacity. We are considering and researching options and hope to find a sustainable short-term solution soon. 

Once all of these things fall into place, we can begin to resume broadcast operations, inviting our beloved community DJs (without whom we simply wouldn't be Real People Radio) as they are able, and relaying news, updates, & healing music to folks in our region and beyond. 

As Sally Kane said in a recent NFCB newsletter, "...music can still stitch us together even in times of such division and distress. Michael Franti is spot on — everyone deserves music. Beyond deserving it is the exponential benefit music offers to the human spirit." Even if we cannot provide the healing salve over the airwaves at this moment, please know we are with you and beside you. 

We are so thankful for the outpouring of support we have received so far, particularly from our OVR partners at Louisville Public Media/WFPL and WEKU, NFCB for the signal boosting and advice in this time, and all who have donated to WMMT & reposted our updates and calls for mutual aid and monetary assistance for individuals. We have also received dozens of emails from community stations all over the country offering broadcast equipment and other forms of assistance, and we ask that if you have reached out already, please hold for an update from us--we'll be looking to activate these offers for help towards the end of this week or the beginning of the next. 

Possum Radio will live on, all thanks to you. 

-The WMMT team (Téa, Benny, Katie, Shane, & Christine)

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